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Spotlight on Specials - Discovery with Ms. Jones, 11/21/2022

Discovery Lab

Our WCES students LOVE when it is time to go to specials each day! Check out what is happening in Ms. Jones’s Discovery Lab Specials class.

Hello from Discovery Lab!  Students come to the computer lab once a week.  During the time they are here we focus on skills that help them “Discover” the use of computers and technology to learn and create.  

One of our main focuses is learning to keyboard correctly using the home row. All students, K-5, use an internet based program called Typing Club.  If your child has access to a computer, laptop or tablet with a keyboard they can practice their typing skills at home. Just go to They login with Google and use their school username (number) and password.  This allows them to continue working on the lessons in Typing Club both at home and at school.  Ask your child if they have earned a dot on our keyboarding rainbow!

Recently we finished a unit on internet safety. Upcoming lessons will include coding using and Hour of Code; Google docs, slides, and sheets; online books and reading, poetry, lego animation building, and digital art. This year Mrs. Preston and Ms. Jones are team teaching on Wonders Wednesdays.  Students are researching and learning about different “wonders” around the world, building models of their wonders, and presenting their findings. They are really enjoying these Wednesdays in Discovery Lab.

All year long we work on internet safety, research, online communication skills, navigating, customizing, saving, files and folders, document and slide presentations, photos, graphics and online digital art.  We use technology programs that help us produce quality work and have fun while learning. The technology skills they learn will prepare them for middle school, high school, and beyond.