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We Dove into Our Learning!, 05/13/2024

We Dove Into Our Learning

We began this school year with the theme “Diving into Learning”.  We have learned and done so many exciting things this year!  Here’s a snapshot of a few things each grade level dove into!  

Kindergarten, dove into 

  • Sharing and playing with others.
  • Being a kind friend and helping someone in need.
  • Listening to stories and talking about them.
  • Writing our first and last names.
  • Counting to 100 by 10s and 1s.
  • Adding, subtracting, sorting, and writing numbers.

First graders dove into

  • Identifying helpers within the community.
  • Describing animal traits and their habitats.
  • Identifying the difference between fiction and nonfiction.
  • Using adjectives to expand our writing.
  • Counting, reading, and writing to 120.
  • Understanding missing addends.
  • Adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers

Second graders dove into

  • Adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers.
  • Measuring items using different units.
  • Creating an array with rows and columns.
  • Writing a friendly letter.
  • Comparing and contrasting two stories.
  • Identifying the problem in a story and the steps characters took to solve it
  • Learning about interesting topics like Westward Expansion, Insects, and the War of 1812.

Third graders dove into

  • Identifying life cycles of a variety of insects, amphibians and animals.
  • Solving multiplication problems.
  • Sorting shapes by their attributes.
  • Working within teams to research, create and show our learning.
  • Reading and drawing maps with keys.
  • Telling the weather by looking at the clouds.
  • Knowing the genre of a book by the text features.
  • Stating super cool facts about Spring Hill’s history and government.

Fourth graders dove into

  • Dividing four digit numbers by one digit numbers.
  • Answering multi-step word problems.
  • Identifying geometric figures and combining angles.
  • Writing informational reports by researching and organizing information.
  • Researching and presenting about famous people from Kansas. 
  • Becoming entrepreneurs and ran businesses at BizTown.
  • Identifying the main idea and theme of a story.
  • Recognizing figurative language within a text.
  • Solving problems by thinking Win-Win so everyone feels valued.
  • Accomplishing difficult tasks through hard work and dedication.

Fifth graders dove into 

  • Learning about regions and Native Americans by creating a diorama.
  • Experimenting with chemical reactions including making goo or slime.
  • Reading about ancient civilizations including the Maya, Aztec, and Inca and creating a codex to compare and contrast the three.
  • Reading about the Renaissance movement and some of the famous artists and their accomplishments. Students chose one of the artists to research and write a biography for.
  • Learning about how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and decimals.

Wow! What an exciting list of things that have been accomplished this year all because we dove in and learned! Congratulations to the students and their teachers on all their great learning this year!