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Spotlight on PE, 04/29/2024

Spotlight on PE

It is National Physical Education week. So, we wanted to give you a little peek into some exciting things happening in PE class at Wolf Creek!

Classes have been working on a Leader in Me goal. Each time that a class is able to play by the rules of the game, they are able to move through the “ocean” board. Throughout the ocean board, there are four opportunities to land on an ocean themed bubble. When they land on the bubble, the class is able to choose a reward. The island is the final stop, where the class gets to choose the tag game and activity for the day.  Some fun activities classes have chosen are climbing the ropes, parachute, Sink the Ship, and of course the favorite of the intermediate grades ...Dodgeball. Mrs. Wittman has been so impressed with how hard the classes have been working to get to the island!