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Diving Into Spring at Wolf Creek, 04/22/2024

Diving Into Spring at Wolf Creek

Spring has arrived and with it comes a lot of great activities at Wolf Creek!

Here’s what is happening all around our school!

  • We celebrated our paraprofessional staff members. These amazing people spend hours helping before and after school, assisting students in the classroom, and providing PLC coverage on Wednesdays. We are so very appreciative of everything they do for our school.

  • We welcomed our 2024-2025 Kindergarten students to the building during Kindergarten Round-up. We are excited to have these new Wranglers joining us in August!

  • Student Council hosted a Change for a Change coin drive. Students put coins in the bucket in their pods. The proceeds from this support Cystic Fibrosis Research. We are excited to find out our final totals!

  • First and Fourth Grade students performed their grade-level musicals. It is always so fun to see students using their musical talents. 

  • Third through fifth grade students successfully completed State Assessments. They demonstrated determination and perseverance as they showed all they have learned this school year!

  • Kindergarten students learned about plants at a local greenhouse. 

  • We enjoyed getting to view the Solar Eclipse!

  • The Scholastic Book Fair was a great success. We are excited about all the great books that were purchased and can now be read by our students!

  • Teachers continue to work on PLC Wednesdays to analyze student data and determine how to best support student learning.

  • Leadership is shining all over the building as students put the Leader in Me habits and their great Character Traits to work. 

Spring is an exciting time at Wolf Creek! We are looking forward to all the other wonderful activities and learning coming up!