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Diving into Learning with our Math and Reading Intervention Teams, 04/15/2024

Math and Reading Intervention Teams

Our Math and Reading Intervention Teams help students dive into success this school year!

Mrs. Samantha Tipton leads the math intervention team (The Math Squad) along with Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Schmidt. These three musketeers are implementing a research-based program that helps fill in the gaps that students have in math. They are doing a variety of engaging activities to help students build fluency in math. They are making what was once hard, easy. 

We can’t forget the Three Amigos that make up the Reading Intervention Team. Lead teacher Mrs. Erica Book, Mrs. Dawn Winkel, and Mrs. Penny Charles spend their day helping students learn the foundational skills of reading. They work in small groups kindergarten through fifth grades working on phonemic awareness skills, phonics, fluency, and reading comprehension. As a team, they work collaboratively with classroom teachers to implement a program that meets the needs of ALL students. They want students to find joy in reading and have the confidence they need to succeed. Their favorite part of their job is working and building relationships with students, the excitement when they see the “Ah-Ha” moment, and when students discover new things through books!

Thanks to these amazing teams who help students build their math and reading skills!