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Exciting March Events, 03/08/2024

Exciting March Events









Although we are just a few days into the month of March, a lot of exciting things are happening! There have been field trips, special projects, and more!

Fifth graders traveled  to Spring Hill High School for Instrument Recruitment Day. During their rotations, fifth graders tried out instruments they might be interested in playing in future grades; trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and bass! They also heard a demonstration on each instrument from the high school students. They ended the trip by listening to performances by the band, orchestra, and choir!

First graders traveled to the fire station in Spring Hill where they listened to firefighters explain their jobs. They were able to explore some of the different tools and equipment, including the fire trucks!  They learned that firefighters are always learning and keeping themselves prepared just in case they are needed. Most importantly, students learned just how important these community helpers are!

Fourth grade students had the opportunity to learn about significant people and events that have shaped the state of Kansas. To demonstrate their learning, they prepared a biography about a famous Kansan. Instead of doing a report, students delivered a speech at the Biography Wax Museum.  In this type of museum, guests push a button and the statues come alive to tell the stories of their lives.  Fourth grade students worked hard to research their person, write the speech, brainstorm props and costumes that could make them seem more realistic, and present themselves in a way that helped the audience learn all about this famous person.  What a tough job!

As you can see, there are lots of exciting learning opportunities happening all around the halls of Wolf Creek during this month!