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Wranglers Show Kindness, 02/26/2024

Wranglers Show Kindness

February 17 was Random Acts of Kindness Day. We did not have school that day. But, that does not mean that kindness is not shown around our school each and every day! Here are just a few ways that kindness shines!

On the 100th day of school, third graders challenged themselves to raise 100 cans to show that they're 100 days smarter AND kinder! They collected, sorted and graphed the items. Wolf Creek third grade donated 264 items to the Spring Hill Food Pantry! What a kind way of celebrating the 100th day of school! - 

Community Service Club members have been busy serving our community! In January, they created kindness art for a collaborative project with Johnson County Development Supports, designed a banner for upcoming Character Caravans at Wolf Creek, and constructed Valentines for kids at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Throughout the month of February, Ms. Pfingsten has been working with students in guidance lessons on the skill of empathy. Students heard stories illustrating empathy and kindness, role-played scenarios demonstrating kindness, created their own colorful “kindness pictures”, and wrote about acts of kindness that they have participated in outside of school. Students also talked about treating others the way they want to be treated and brainstormed ideas of how they could show kindness during their school day in their classrooms and throughout the building, as well as at home and in our community. Students also made colorful pictures with words relating to kindness with their buddies for the JCDS bench project. 

We are very proud of how all of our Wranglers show kindness throughout the year!