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What is a PLC Wednesday?, 1/22/2024

What is a PLC Wednesday?

Many Wednesdays are named “PLC Wednesdays”. What does that mean and what's going on during that time? Well, we would love to tell you!

The USD 230 School District posted the question “What Are PLC’s?” on the district website. Here’s how the district answered. “Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) provide essential time for educators to analyze student learning data to improve interventions, extensions, and classroom instruction. Like other professionals in team settings,  our educators benefit from dedicated time for professional activities to optimize their teaching and students' learning. This research-based practice is widely embraced by thousands of high-performing schools in Kansas and nationwide.”

So what does a PLC Wednesday look like? Students who arrive at school prior to 8:40 do various activities with Y-Care and paraprofessional support. Teachers meet together in their PLT’s - Professional Learning Teams. Teachers may meet as a whole staff or in their teams.  Teachers are using the district essential standards to meet the students’ needs and using PLC time to review data and plan accordingly. 

The time teachers spend in PLC’s is very valuable and helps meet all students’ needs. The Spring Hill School District is fortunate to have this opportunity!