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Running Through the Halls, 11/13/2023

Turkey Trot







It’s night. Students are back at school. And they are RUNNING through the dark halls?  What is going on? It’s the annual Turkey Trot! This is a chance for students to get a little exercise, give back to our community, and have some Friday night fun!  

On Friday November 10, families gathered at Wolf Creek to run the halls. Families had the opportunity to donate to the Spring Hill Clothes Closet & Food Pantry. After dropping off the donations, students registered for their run. They could do the short track or the long track. The short track was 8 laps around the halls. The long track was 16 laps. After completing a lap, students earned a glow stick. This kept the halls glowing as they ran in the dark!

Thanks to Mrs. Wittman for planning such a fun event!