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Fall Fun at Wolf Creek, 11/06/2023

Fall Fun at Wolf Creek

Fall is in the air and so are some amazing learning opportunities at Wolf Creek! Pumpkins,bats, spiders, and more!

First graders had Bat and Spider Days, where they got to learn more about these interesting creatures and do a variety of activities! Students enjoyed learning about real bats and spiders, and diving into some great fiction stories as well!

Kindergarten students have been learning about plants in their Science unit.  They have learned about the different parts of a pumpkin. Then they got to do lots of different pumpkin activities and experiments on Pumpkin Day! These included measuring, weighing, finding the circumference, floating and sinking, how pumpkins decompose, the life cycle of a pumpkin, creating a torn paper pumpkin, and learning a pumpkin song. 

We love having these engaging learning experiences!