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Math 8 Students Take it to the Stage 10/25/2022

Math8 students sing and danceThere was some serious singing and swinging in the SHMS auditorium on Friday as Math 8 students crooned and boogied on stage about slope intercept form. The administration and office staff also joined in.

Last week, Mr. Carpenter and Miss Woodward challenged their students to create a class dance to the tune of the classic YMCA. However, the lyrics had been rewritten and explained how students can sometimes get discouraged in math, but learning the slope intercept form can make it easier. These verses were provided for the students on Thursday as they choreographed their own moves with slope intercept form as the chorus. For those of us who don’t know, “Slope intercept form for a linear equation is y=mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept” -Miss Woodward.

Miss Woodward also added, “Slope Intercept Form is a crucial math formula for linear equations that students need to have a solid understanding of. This activity is a great way to make sure they never forget it!”

Staff and administration that joined the 8th graders on stage were Jamie Rice, Jennie Skibbe, Katie Sibbitt, Bren Tulikihakau, Mark Meek, Lindsey Bales, Amy Duncan, and Sarah Hays. Most students didn’t know who their surprise guest was until Friday. Mr. Carpenter recorded each performance for the students to enjoy during class this week.