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It Starts With a Box 04/23/2024

On Wednesday, April 17th, Maverick 6th graders participated in a suicide prevention program called #GiveMe20. Kansas City area moms, Sylvia Harrell and BJ Thomas Wilson, brought the program to Spring Hill Middle School with the collaboration of SHMS school counselor, Jayden Garth.


The activity started with a presentation by Harrell and Wilson in the auditorium, where they shared their stories of losing a child to suicide and the message, "What if you could remember what is GOOD in your life? What if, in that moment of pain, you could be reminded of how incredibly loved you are?” Building on that, the 6th graders moved to the lunchroom tables to create LIFEBOXes.


The GiveMe20 website explains a LIFEBOX as, “a box filled with YOUR STORY; memories of great moments in your life, dreams for the future, and reminders of why your life matters... because no matter how dark life seems at this moment, the sun will rise tomorrow, and you should be here to see it happen.” Students decorated their boxes and were encouraged to place important items and photographs inside the box when they took them home.


Ms. Garth commented,"I love #GiveMe20 and its power to let students know they are not alone.”