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Scholars’ Bowl Season is Underway 02/22/2024

What’s the buzz? It’s Scholars’ Bowl buzzers!

Fifteen SHMS 7th & 8th graders have been practicing for scholars’ bowl competition. Using a buzzer system exactly like a real meet, the coach runs the students through questions from the practice binder. Ms. Meyer, SHMS scholars’ bowl coach, said all interested students were accepted for the Scholars’ Bowl team.  

For each meet, the students are divided into an A team and a B team, similar to Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. The teams - which are not grade specific - consist of five students; both SHMS teams rotate through all of their players throughout the meet. Each meet will have between five and ten schools participating, so students see lots of competition.

This year’s season started February 6th with a meet at Woodland Spring Middle School. Our A team placed 3rd and our B team placed 5th. On February 21st, the teams traveled to Ottawa Middle School and placed 4th and 5th, respectively. Next week, they will compete in Paola on the 28th. The season will wrap up on March 5th at Prairie View Middle School.