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Science Olympiad Takes Off at SHMS 10/27/2023

A new extracurricular team has been formed at SHMS. Mavericks now have the opportunity to participate in the Science Olympiad. The team is coached by Math7 instructor Ms. Lydia Meyer.


Science Olympiad is an all-day event that presents students with hour-long science-based challenges that can include performing labs, building structures, and taking tests. Each student can compete in up to three events.


At tryouts, interested students were given a test to measure their prior knowledge of science content. Fifteen students were selected for the team with an additional two alternates. These students practice each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 PM to prepare for the regional competition.


Regionals will be held February 24th at Johnson County Community College. The top 50% of teams advance to state competition in April at Wichita State University. Other competitions may be added in the future.