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Red Card KC Bullying Prevention Program, 10/18/2023

USD 230 and Spring Hill High School are teaming up with Children’s Mercy and Sporting KC to bring the RED CARD KC campaign to our school to put an end to bullying. Bullying is NEVER, ever okay and the RED CARD campaign asks you to CALL IT when you see it.

National Bullying Prevention Month & Our Efforts

October is Bullying Prevention Month, During this month, we are shining a light on bullying awareness and prevention at school. Through our daily announcements, students will be hearing how we can all work together to CALL IT when we see it. 

The following information is from RED CARD KC.  

Research shows that schools can play a powerful role in bullying prevention. They can inspire others and maintain a climate of respect and inclusion. However, schools cannot do it alone. When parents and youth are involved in the solutions:

  • Students feel safer and can focus on learning.
  • Parents worry less.
  • Teachers and staff can focus on their work.
  • Schools can develop more responsive solutions. Students are more likely to see or hear about bullying than adults.
  • School climate improves. Students are engaged in taking action to stop bullying.
  • Parents can support schools' messages about bullying at home. They are also more likely to recognize signs that a child has been bullied or is bullying others.

What Can Parents Do?

Red Card provides parents with four ways to help students deal with and avoid being bullied: 

  • Teach your child to act with self-confidence. Confident, empathetic children are less likely to bully others, or to be bullied.
  • Help your child understand the different types of bullying and learn to recognize the signs of bullying in your child.
  • Encourage involvement in activities your kids enjoy. Kids involved in group activities develop more confidence, resiliency, a better sense of belonging and more meaningful relationships.
  • Watch out for signs of cyberbullying, such as a notable increase or decrease in device use, emotional responses to what's happening on their device, hiding their screen, shutting down social media accounts and/or opening new ones.

Chart describing the difference between teasing, conflict, mean moments, and bullying

For more information about this anti-bullying campaign, please visit