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WATCH DOGS is Back!, 10/07/2022

We are excited to welcome our Watch DOGS back to SHES! Watch DOGS (which stands for Dads of Great Students) is an opportunity to volunteer one day of your time to spend at the school. This program seeks to provide positive male role models for students and to provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school safety. We invite fathers and father figures to volunteer!

As a Watch DOGS volunteer, you will be given a schedule to help out in several classrooms and will also spend time with your student. Please sign in at the office between 7:40am and 8:00am and expect to stay until 3:10pm.

Being a WATCH DOG might include reading with students, studying flashcards, helping with small groups, going to specials classes or recess, eating lunch with your kids, and patrolling the hallways to make sure kids are being safe. You’ll spend time with your students but also meet kids of all ages.

See more information about the Watch DOGS here: Watch DOGS Website

BEFORE you can volunteer for Watch DOGS, you must follow the volunteer process outlined on the website ( [[Go to, go to the Families/Community Tab, and click on the section titled 'Volunteer.']] Follow the steps to register as a volunteer and complete your background check. The background check must be completed and approved before you can come into the school. A Volunteer Card will be sent to you once you complete this process. You CANNOT come into the school unless you have already received your Volunteer Card. You must show your Volunteer Card at the office when you sign in.

Dates for Watch DOGS to volunteer will start on Tuesday, October 18 and run through the rest of the school year. Please sign up for only ONE day at first. This gives everyone a chance to sign up for a date. After a week or two, if you would like to sign up for more dates, you are welcome to do so! 

Click here to sign up to be a Watch DOG!  

If you would like, you can purchase your own Watch DOGS shirt to wear from the website ( -- the official uniform t-shirt for $14.95) or you can wear any school appropriate attire. You can also bring your own lunch or purchase one from the school cafeteria for $4.75.

Direct any questions about the Watch DOGS program to Amy Belcher,