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2022 SHEF College Now Scholarships Announced, 09/29/2022

The Spring Hill Education Foundation (SHEF) is excited to award scholarships to ten Spring Hill High students to complete concurrent college courses through Johnson County Community College (JCCC). With 23 scholarship applicants this year, it was a very competitive process.

Nine SHHS students smiling outside with SHEF College Now certificates

The 2022 SHEF College Now Scholarship recipients are:

  • Aeva Alvarado
  • Rebekah Anderson
  • Caleb Flemming
  • Luke Metcalf
  • Avery Pankey
  • Ainsley Pecenka
  • Maryn Ruffin
  • Payton Schulte
  • Peyton Sherron
  • Alexis Yoder

“This scholarship is an avenue that enables our organization to assist SHHS students in obtaining college credits while still in high school,” said SHEF Board President Chad Lewis. “Due to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, we were able to expand the number of scholarships this year from five to ten. To everyone that supports the Spring Hill Education Foundation – I want to thank you. You are making a difference!”

Any high school student who had completed the ACT or JCCC ACCUPLACER before the start of fall classes and was enrolled in a  JCCC College Now course could apply for this annual scholarship. If you are interested in supporting Spring Hill students like these ten recipients, make a donation to the Spring Hill Education Foundation today.