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Costume Parade, 10/31/2022

Monday, October 31, is our Costume parade. Please have your child wear their regular school clothing. All costume items must be put in their backpack. Staff will help students dress before the parade. Thank you. 
Costume Reminders:
No toy weapons or blood and gore are allowed.
      2.  Extra accessories such as wigs, jewelry, etc are allowed but                 can be lost or broken, so please keep that in mind when                       putting your students' costumes in their backpack. 
       3. To insure children’s safety, we ask parents/ guardians who are             attending the parade not to come in costume.
Times for parade:
10:40 – Parents arrive and move to the viewing area
10:45 – Parade will begin

3:00 – 
Parents arrive and move to the viewing area
3:05 – Parade will begin
Students will be dismissed as normal. They will return to their classroom to grab their backpacks and coats. Then walk outside to be loaded in cars or picked up out front of the circle at the end of the sidewalk. 
Participation or Assistance:
If you have any concerns or questions about our parade, such as whether your child is in need of a costume or any other concerns, please call Rachel Paulsen in the front office (913)-592-7222 by Friday, October 28.