School BusThe Spring Hill School District contracts with Apple Bus Company to provide transportation services within our district. School transportation services will be provided within the limitations of available resources for transporting students to and from school and for transporting students to and from curricular and extracurricular activities sponsored by the schools. To read more, download the Transportation Procedures.

The district will provide free bus transportation for all of its pupils who reside 2.5 miles or more from their school of residence, however, no new bus routes will be created for students who have requested a transfer from their school of residence.


The district will make available transportation for any pupil living within 2.5 miles of their school on a pay-to-ride basis for students living within the boundaries of the school district.

Pay-to-ride transportation is offered on a space available, first come, first serve basis. Eligibility for pay-to-ride is based on the student's home address, not from the location the student boards the bus. Students must be registered with Apple Bus and fees must be paid before transportation can begin. Registrations cannot be made by students or daycare providers. To read more, download the 2021-22 Busing Application.  If you have a first grade student riding the bus, please complete this additional form First Grade Bus Form.

Transportation Crisis Management Plan 
In addition, the safety of district students is imperative. To be prepared for crisis situations, Apple Bus and USD 230 have developed a  Transportation Crisis Management Plan.

Important Information for Families
After your enrollment is received at the Apple Bus office it will take up to 3 days before your student can ride the bus.  

Online Payments
Families now have the ability to pay for transportation via the district's webstore. Make a payment now!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a deadline for me to register my student(s) for bus transportation?
At the beginning of the school year, there is a deadline for online registration. If your student isn't registered by the deadline they will have to wait up to three days after the paperwork is received before they can ride. The bus driver will call you to let you know the first day they can ride.

When will my student get to ride the bus after I send in paperwork? Will I get a call or email?
It may take up to three days after paperwork is received before your student can ride the bus. The driver is responsible for letting parents know the first day the student can ride and about any changes to the time throughout the year.

How are bus stops determined?
Location of bus stops depend on several things: safety of students, age of student, number of students in close vicinity, blind spots, hills, curves, door side of the bus to the house, cul de sac, highway, etc. A student can walk up to 1/4 mile to a stop per district policy.

Can I get a bus stop added by my house? 
The best way to determine if a bus stop can be added is to call Apple Bus, 913-592-5121. As stated above, there are multiple factors in determining new stops.

What is a waiver and where do I get one?
Students who qualify for Free or Reduced Priced Meals also qualify for free bussing. A notification letter will be sent to families that qualify for Free or Reduced Priced meal benefits by the Nutrition Services Department. Parents must provide this letter to Apple Bus for bus fees to be waived. Parents will be responsible for fees until this letter is received and applied. 

The Free and Reduced Priced Meals application can be found on our website. New applications are available each year after July 1 and new applications must be completed each school year. Forms can be submitted anytime throughout the school year.

How do I know if my address is over 2.5 miles from my school?
Please call Apple Bus to get help determining the distance from your home to the school. The state determines how the distance is measured: "Distance traveled from home to school using the most direct travel-able route. Distance is measured from front door of house to front door of school. Do not round mileage, for example, 2.46 should be reported as 2.4."

How are changes to the bus routes communicated?
Changes to a route should be communicated with phone calls to all families affected.

What should I do if my student won't be riding the bus on a certain day?
If your student is in elementary school please notify your student's school and the bus company as soon as possible. If your student is in middle or high school please notify the bus company of changes to their riding schedule.

What do I do if my student has a problem on the bus?
The first step is to tell the driver and/or bus monitor, if there is one. Parents can also call the office (913) 592-5121 to discuss concerns. Apple Bus will work with the parents and school to resolve any bus issues that arise. 

Do all buses have a bus monitor/aide in addition to the bus driver?
Not all buses have monitors. Aides may be provided for students who need special assistance such as getting on or off the bus and/or buckling safety belts.

What do I do if my student is late being picked up or dropped off?
First, please consider if there are any factors that may be contributing to a slower route, such as the first week of school, poor driving conditions (fog, rain, snow, etc.), new road construction areas, etc. If there are not any obvious factors please call the bus office to see what is happening on the route. The office is open from 6:30 am until 5 pm. An answering machine is available after hours. You can also send an email to [email protected] regarding any consistent issues.

Apple Bus uses Skylert, the school messaging service used by the district, to send out updates if a bus is running more than 10 minutes late. 

Are bus drivers trained in CPR and First Aid?
All bus drivers are required to take a defensive driving class and First Aid/CPR. All bus aides are trained in First Aid/CPR as well.

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