Professional Learning Community title
Why do PLCs?

The answer for this is simple; the one and only purpose is to enhance the educational outcomes for each and every student. The vision for teaching and learning in our district is that we will “ensure high levels of learning for ALL students in the areas of academic preparation, employability skills, and social-emotional development, so that all students graduate college-ready, career-ready, and life-ready for a successful future.” Becoming a Professional Learning Community (PLC) district is essential for us to reach this lofty goal. Educational research is abundant and clear that implementing PLCs results in increased student learning outcomes and increased teacher collective efficacy. The Board of Education has set the goal for the Spring Hill School District to be one of the top two districts in the state. If we are going to attain that status, we must change how we approach student learning in the areas outlined above. We must be bold enough to do what is best for our students, even if it isn’t easy or popular.

Photo of Renee Stallbaumer with quote about professional learning communities
For what PLCs are, how they will work and student registration, visit PLCs Time under Families.