USD 230 is committed to providing evidence-based and consistent professional learning opportunities regarding dyslexia for our staff members.

KSDE Dyslexia Website

District Wide through Curriculum  and Instruction:

  • August 6,  2019 - Science of Reading by Cindy Hadicke (KSDE) 3 Hrs

  • January 3, 2020 - Information on Dyslexia by Cindy Hadicke (KSDE) 2 Hrs

  • Weekly or bi-weekly newsletter containing blurbs about Science of Reading through Connect or C and I are being planned

  • Instructional Coaches and at least 2 SPED staff will attend TASN LETRS Training of Trainers (Olathe)

  • Ci3T Interventions:

    • Cindy Hadicke will be working on the reading portion of this with the reading task force.

    • Sonday Essentials is currently being piloted at SHES and will, on a smaller scale, begin as a pilot at WCES.

District Wide through Special Services:

  • May 2019 - Adoption of Sonday Materials 

  • September 2019 - 3-hour training for SPED teachers on use of Sonday Materials By Cindy Dziadosz

    • Ongoing support through on demand video component

    • Users’ days and appointments for individual questions and support

  • December 2019- Special Education Staff offered 10 hour Orton Gillingam class

    • 17  staff have enrolled  and 2 staff have reported completion at this time

  • Formation of SPED Dyslexia Team to act as resource and support to Sped Staff 

    • Will complete

      • Book study,

      • Video series

      • Orton Gillingham Class

      • Possible members for TASN LTRS group

  • Monthly newsletter from department includes items on Science of Reading and Science of the Brain

  • In process-  Adoption of Read Naturally Curriculum to support Fluency and Comprehension for SPED teachers as part of specialized instruction package