SHEF Awards 2021-22 Teacher Excellence Grants

SHEF Awards 2021-22 Teacher Excellence Grants
Posted on 11/05/2021
2021-22 SHEF Teacher Excellence Grant WinnersThe Spring Hill Education Foundation recently awarded nearly $10,000 in Teacher Excellence Grants for the 2021-22 school year. For the past six years, the foundation has been awarding these grants to teachers for projects to enhance extraordinary educational opportunities for students in the classroom.

Thanks to the generous contributions from this year’s corporate sponsors, the foundation was pleased to award the following grants:

Marcel Kadera-Redmond, Spring Hill Elementary School

Project: Imagination Playground, $2,364

“I would like to bring Imagination Playground to SHES. This is a perfect way for me to bring STEM and social-emotional learning into the gym. This project would provide me with 100 pieces of big blocks and medium blocks to let the students create in the gym. Children love using manipulatives to learn. This would also provide me a way to collaborate with other teachers.”

Ronald Juzeler, Spring Hill Middle School / Woodland Spring Middle School

Project: Orchestra Workstation, $700

“This grant will allow me to repair school-owned orchestra instruments and to show students the mechanics of their instruments. I will be able to demonstrate the anatomy of their instruments as well as how to make minor repairs on their own, providing them with more ownership of their craft.”

Megan Daniels, Dayton Creek Elementary School

Project: Tower to Table, $1,718

“Tower to Table creates experiential learning, cultivates curiosity, encourages healthy choices, promotes positive attitudes, and will improve behavior and academic performance in school. An indoor garden will allow students to plant the seeds, watch the daily transformation take place, and then get a firsthand look at harvesting produce.”

Brad Reinking, Spring Hill High School

Project: Wacom Tablets for Graphic Design, $3,800

“Wacom Tablets for graphic design students would make drawing a breeze when using the Adobe Software. This tablet has a pressure-sensitive pen that makes drawing a breeze and increases creativity. Creativity can be limited when just using a trackpad, but with this pen tool, students will be able to draw what their art desires!”

Michelle Long, Spring Hill Elementary School

Project: 3D Pens, $700

“3D printing should be accessible to all students. Sometimes, the students are limited in their designs based on what supplies we have. However, with 3D pens, we wouldn’t have that limitation anymore because they could simply make it themselves. The pens would allow for my students to be creative and unique in their designs.”

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