BOE Meeting Recap - 10/25/21

BOE Meeting Recap - 10/25/21
Posted on 10/26/2021
BOE Meeting Recap

The Spring Hill School Board of Education met October 25, 2021 at Spring Hill High School for the school's morning meeting and to discuss several items. The following are some important highlights from the meeting:

Nutrition Services Update

SHHS Building Presentation

Nutrition Services Update:

Director of Nutrition Services Jayci Dalton presented to the Board on the current status of her department. Her presentation highlighted successes over the past year as feeding our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, accommodating a large increase in student participation, and bringing a new kitchen online at Dayton Creek Elementary School. Some challenges the Nutrition Services department is currently facing include vendor shortages, food delivery uncertainty, discontinued items, and a staffing shortage. A full copy of the presentation is available on the BoardDocs website

SHHS Building Presentation:

Spring Hill High School Principal Marc Williams, along with several SHHS teachers and students, shared information with the Board about Real World Learning initiatives and changes to Bronco Assistance. SHHS currently has 15 career pathways offered at the high school. The top four pathways are: Arts, A/V, Communication; Hospitality and Tourism Management; Health Science; and, Engineering. Bronco Assistance is time built into the school day for students to participate in clubs, get extra help from teachers, and engage in the peer tutoring program, among other options. Williams has been working with district leadership and KSDE to ensure the minutes of Bronco Assistance count toward state requirements. To aid in this effort, there is a new “check-in” procedure that will be implemented on 11/1/21.

The complete agenda is available by visiting the BoardDocs website.

There is no recording available as morning Board of Education meetings in schools are not recorded.