Call for 2023 Teacher of the Year Nominations

Call for 2023 Teacher of the Year Nominations
Posted on 09/17/2021
Call for Teacher of the Year Nominations

The Kansas Teacher of the Year Award recognizes representatives of excellent teaching in the elementary and secondary classrooms of the state. Its mission is to build and utilize a network of exemplary teachers who are leaders in the improvement of schools, student performance and the teaching profession. 

Nominations are now being accepted for the Spring Hill School District's 2023 Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year! This award recognizes the district's outstanding certified teachers who excel in the areas of student success, content expertise, innovation and service to the profession. Our district elementary and secondary honorees will submit applications to be considered for the state award. Building nominees will be announced October 8, 2021 and the district's winners will be announced October 12, 2021.

To nominate a great teacher:

1. Review the list of eligible teachers who meet the state's requirements.

2. Submit your nomination form by 10:00 AM on September 27, 2021.