USD 230 Values Survey

USD 230 Values Survey
Posted on 09/10/2021
USD 230 Values Survey Graphic

The USD 230 Board of Education, in conjunction with the Kansas Association of School Boards, is conducting a study to identify our community's primary values and how they reflect and reinforce the mission and vision of USD 230. The first round of this study consisted of interviews with focus groups, and now we would like input from the Spring Hill School District community!

A community survey was created using the values identified by the focus groups. In the survey, we ask you to rank the most important value sets for our students (page 1), our schools (page 2), and our community (page 3). Your input will help identify the values most consistently and earnestly expressed by the people of the district and will guide us in building a decision-making framework based on the defining values of the community.

This survey is open to everyone who lives within the boundaries of Spring Hill School District. All survey responses must be recorded by Tuesday, September 21 at 11:59 PM.