District Honors Employees with Character Awards

District Honors Employees with Character Awards
Posted on 10/30/2017
Bowman receives award from Human ResourcesCongratulations to our October Character Award nominees and our award recipient, Ayshia Bowman of WCES (pictured).  Ms. Bowman was nominated for demonstrating Patience and Compassion.  

Our nominees for the month:

DSC: Aaron Henness - Dependability, Kyle Delphia - Perseverance, Colton Easdon - Patience

SS/CUR: Tom Lawson - Availability

BOE: Brad Willson - Availability, Doug Schwinn - Creativity, Katie Claar - Patience, Misty Eytcheson - Creativity, Stephanie Dalrymple - Dependability

SHHS: Neil McLeod - Creativity, Kristina Girrens - Compassion, Alison Moore - Initiative, Tim Shea - Enthusiasm, Jayci Dalton - Initiative, Jeff Miller - Initiative, Paul Young - Compassion

SHMS: Kathy Batelka - Flexibility, Jessica Dome - Enthusiasm, Malissa Torrez - Compassion, Christine Hecke - Availability, Suzanne Hofmann - Compassion/Dependability/Enthusiasm, Terry Sharp - Enthusiasm, Dean Pope - Helpfulness/Patience/Compassion, Megan Sandberg - Diligence, Rebecca Hodge - Dependability, Sarah Marcum - Creativity/Dependability/Compassion/Flexibility/Enthusiasm, Benjamin Gehring - Enthusiasm, Aaron Todd - Dependability, Jennifer Kuhn - Dependability, Lindsey Bray - Innovation

SHES: David Brock - Enthusiasm, Amanda Phelps - Compassion, Taylor Huelsman - Availability, Mary Chamberlin - Compassion

PCES: Jody Cole - Diligence, Jamie Anderson - Encouragement/Enthusiasm, Sara McGowan - Compassion, Mark Howard - Dependability, Sarah Geiter - Compassion, Amber Delphia - Diligence, Sylvia Cunard - Patience, Brian Hogan - Flexibility, Stacie Williams - Initiative, Jessica Gazzano - Dependability, Wes Edmondson - Availability, Abby Stallbaumer - Creativity, Megan Evans - Enthusiasm, Jamie Anderson - Enthusiasm/Encouragement

WCES: Michelle Harris - Flexibility, Katheryn Sidor - Creativity, Amanda Preston - Creativity/Honesty, Michelle Hackney - Diligence, Jennifer Hunt - Creativity, Tiffany Boeve - Availability, Caitlin Sinks - Compassion, Rachel Gorrell - Dedication, Katie Smith - Dedication, Amy Marcum - Availability, Mel Golubski - Enthusiasm, Darcy Sly - Diligence, Tabetha Davis - Dependability, Megan Daniels - Perseverance/Compassion, Ayshia Bowman - Compassion/Patience

To nominate an employee for a character award click here.

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