October 2020 Standing Ovations

October 2020 Standing Ovations
Posted on 10/29/2020
Standing Ovation

Thank you for recognizing and supporting our employees! Let’s give a standing ovation to:

ECC - Rachel Paulsen, Michelle Lynn, Elizabeth Schnetzler, Kelly King, Heather Thompson, Vicki Cunningham

PCES - Micah Colgrove, Kaycee Peterson, John Schulte

SHES - Lauren Schmoll, Mary Chamberlin X 2, Sadie Clements, Aubrey Horan, Peyton Pericola, Lucy Mohler, Hannah Kline, Michaela Dalinghaus

TSES - Sonja Lang X 2, Adrienne Besler, Tracy Manbeck, Lola Slyter, Kerri Martinez, Megan Daniels, Kendra Walsh, Danielle Eckert, Ruth Long, Stephanie Morrow, Jackie Rufer, Abby Robertson, Erin Randolph, Darcy Sly X 2

WCES - Trudy Tilton, Amanda Preston, Christine Herrs, Katie Joslin, Chloe Hoggatt, Kristy Mader, Heidi Peterson, Heather Dent, Rachell Gorrell, Allison Ozier, Christie Weber, Sandi Lancellotti

SHMS - Sarah Hays, Sarah Gromer, Brooke Hancock, Andy Gloshen, Lisa Divine, Joan Perry, Beth McCreight, Dalton Maples

WSMS - Alicia Von Stein X 2, Jessica Gazzano, Angela Tauer, Sarah Collins

SHHS - Kerry Smith, Alison Moore, Mary Larson, Laurie Brueckner, Chantel Volkman

Our monthly Price Chopper Standing Ovation winner is Darcy Sly, TSES! Congratulations Mrs. Sly!

portrait of darcy sly with character award nomination wording

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