COVID-19 Update 4/1/20

COVID-19 Update 4/1/20
Posted on 04/01/2020
COVID-19 Update

We appreciate those of you who have given us grace as we start this new process of educating students. The first packets were intentionally not overly challenging for some students. Our goal was to provide some sense of normalcy and stability first. Hopefully, our teachers and staff have reached out to your children as we believe the connection between teacher and student is important. You will notice in next week’s packets we have included the choice of some advanced assignments. We are recommending that you pick an assignment from each column for each day or work up to the time recommended. As always, you can go beyond the recommendation with the enrichment activities listed on the website. The week of April 13th, you’ll see more technology-friendly assignments. 


One of the tools available to our teachers, which may be used to provide instruction and some social interaction for our students during this time, is video technology. The ability to provide our students with an opportunity to see and interact with their teachers and fellow classmates is an important aspect of their education and allows them to feel some degree of normalcy during this unusual situation. Participation by your child in any virtual class is completely optional and will not be required, though we do encourage participation by all students. Participation in virtual classrooms will mean that your child will need to be appropriately dressed as if they were attending school and all school rules regarding student conduct will be in effect. You should also be aware of your child’s background surroundings when a class by video is in progress and try to reduce background noise and other items that might be a distraction to other students. If you choose not to utilize the video feature, your child could still participate by audio should you wish. 



This statement was included in March 30th email:

“Additionally, please do not ask teachers for additional work for your student. If you need additional work or resources please visit our Additional Elementary Enrichment Resources webpage.”


Clarification of this statement:

We are asking that you do not reach out to your teacher to ask for individualized lessons or projects for your student. You may reach out to your teacher for help on current assignments or suggestions of which of the enrichment activities on the website would be best for your child. 


Social-Emotional Learning

An important part of education is the social-emotional learning that takes place between students and staff and amongst students. Unfortunately, our current situation makes this more challenging. Within the next few days, teachers will be reaching out to students to connect with them in a variety of ways. We know each family has unique circumstances and may not be able to connect with their teacher during certain times, using technology, etc. To accommodate these circumstances teachers may choose to connect in one or more of the following ways:

  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Note in the mail
  • Video

Please understand your student is not required to participate in video meetings or respond to emails, these are just opportunities to connect with teachers during the school closure.


Access to Devices and the Internet

On March 23, we asked you to answer a short survey regarding your student’s access to technology and the internet. Due to the responses in this survey, we have been hesitant to do as much work with technology. As we move to more technology-rich activities in our Choice Boards, please let your teacher know if you are unable to access the resources you need to complete these activities. The teacher will work with you to provide options for your student.  


Posting to Social Media

It’s common practice to share our photos on social media sites. However, during a time of video learning, Spring Hill Schools request that parents not take or post pictures of students or teachers who may be meeting virtually as a class. Every family has different rules about posting photos of their children online. Thank you for respecting the privacy of our students and staff.