December 2019 Character Awards Announced

December 2019 Character Awards Announced
Posted on 12/20/2019
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Congratulations to these amazing December Price Chopper Character Award nominees and our Price Chopper Character Award winner of the month, Gary Howard, SHHS Assistant Principal. He was nominated for ENTHUSIASM and COMPASSION:

BOE: Brad Willson - Availability

ECC: Rachel Paulsen - Dependability

SHHS: Gary Howard - Enthusiasm and Compassion, Stephanie Baker - Compassion, Mary Larson - Compassion, and Emily Redeker - Availability, Karen Riegler - Dependability and Alix Kunkle - Initiative

SHMS: Taylor Woodward - Diligence, Lindsay Bray - Initiative, Alexandria Tunnicliff - Compassion, Dalton Maples - Perseverance, Allison Perry - Dependability, Syliva Niccum - Compassion, Danielle Winkler - Diligence and Caitlyn Pieper - Perseverance

WSMS: Polly Dvorak - Compassion, Aimee Burman - Enthusiasm and Alicia Von Stein - Dependability

WCES: Sandra Lancellotti - Dependability, Tabetha Davis - Compassion, Erica Book - Perseverance, Jessica Gillcrist - Dependability, Ashley O’Malley - Creativity and Honesty, Michelle Seichepine - Creativity and Dependability, Kathy Blanchard - Perseverance, Jennifer Koehler - Creativity, Susan Walston - Patience and Compassion, Sarah Lenz - Diligence, Sarah Dwyer - Patience, Katheryn Sidor - Enthusiasm and Trudy Tilton - Dependability

PCES: Lisa Bishop - Compassion, Danielle Jefferies - Flexibility, Amy Pahl - Initiative, Amanda Eden - Compassion, Karla Trimble - Creativity, John Schulte - Enthusiasm, Kristi Bickford - Initiative, Jacob Dunn - Dependability and Lauren Emerson - Compassion

TSES: Danielle Eckert - Dependability

SHES: Sadie Clements - Flexibility and Enthusiasm, Chelsea Hargrove - Availability, April Leavitt - Initiative, Amanda DeRoo - Flexibility, Abby Allen - Perseverance, Shelly Huber - Diligence and Flexibility, Kristi Tillery - Compassion, Bridget Costello - Enthusiasm, Meredith Hall - Enthusiasm, Perseverance and Patience, Kim Diffley - Flexibility, Michelle Long - Perseverance, Dayhan Perrin - Dependability and Creativity, Erin Kuchar - Dependability, Robin Spencer - Enthusiasm and Patience, Carly Roberts - Patience, Sabrina Farrell - Diligence, Kim Wright - Enthusiasm, Amanda Phelps - Dependability and Availability, Amanda Foster - Availability and Perseverance, Nicole Wellman - Patience, Marcel Kadera-Redmond - Enthusiasm, Reagan Proctor - Patience, Rachel Barnes - Patience, Amee Kelly - Enthusiasm, Tiffany Zerr - Diligence, Michelle Seichepine - Perseverance, Rebecca Randall - Compassion, Amy Belcher - Availability, Cassity Wooten - Enthusiasm and Initiative, April Leavitt - Availability, Rachel Bokowski - Dependability and Jennifer House - Compassion

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