Skyward Family Access

Log In ButtonSkyward’s Family Access provided by USD 230 is a web-based information and communication center designed to provide parents and guardians with the answer to “What did you do at school today?” 

What are the benefits of using Skyward?

  • It is available anytime, from anywhere via a secure web connection.
  • Skyward keeps teachers and administration in touch with parents, and parents in touch with students’ daily work. Families with more than one student also have easy access to all of their students’ information in one site.
  • Message Center – Teachers and administrators can post information to inform parents about their child, school and upcoming classroom events.
  • Parents can make online payments for food service and outstanding fees, such as textbook, preschool, all-day kindergarten and more.
  • Parents can directly respond to teacher messages via either the Message Center or email.

What can parents see? 
Parents and guardians have the ability to see a wide range of information, including grades, daily assignments, attendance, class schedules, food service, fee management, the Message Center and more.

For tutorial videos and troubleshooting tips, visit the Skyward Family Access Toolkit.

How do you get access to Skyward? 
In order for you to start using Skyward Family Access, you will need a login and password. By signing and returning the attached form in person to your school’s office, you authorize the Spring Hill School District to provide you with a unique login and password. Once you receive your login and password, you simply log on to USD 230’s Skyward portal and you will have instant access to student(s) information. 

Skyward Application Form

How do I receive notifications from the district regarding emergencies and school closings?
In your Skyward account click on "Skylert" in the menu. From here complete all boxes as indicated below. It is important to check the Emergency and the General boxes as school closing due to inclement weather are sent as General notifications. Emergency notifications are only sent when a crisis or emergency is in process. 
Skylert Alerts Tips