Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

To apply, please visit the Future Employee - Job Openings. You will then select a job category you wish to seek. After you have found the desired position, you will click on Apply to start the application process.

Do I have to have a license to work in the district?

You only have to have a license if you are applying for a certified position in the district. These include teachers, principals, psychologist, etc. Classified staff (Paraprofessional, Nutrition Services, Secretaries, etc.) are not required to have or obtain a license to apply.

Do I receive benefits?
To receive benefits, you must be considered a full-time employee (30 hours or more a week). To view the district's current benefit plans, please click here.

Do I have to live in the district?
No, you do not need to live in the district to apply for a position with the district.
How often do I get paid?
All district employees are paid once on the 10th of each month, unless the 10th falls on a weekend then the employee is paid the Friday before.

Can I spread my pay over 12 months?

Only certified staff and 12 month employees are paid over 12 months. 
Will I receive training?
All district staff participate in numerous amounts of trainings throughout the year. In-service trainings are provided to certified staff and paraprofessionals throughout the year. District employees are to complete bloodborne pathogen and sexual harassment training each year they are employed. Each building also has a list of required safety training that all staff must participate and complete.
Do I receive professional development?
Certified staff, paraprofessionals, and substitutes have the opportunity to participate in professional development trainings throughout the year. A list of dates are provided on the district calendar. To receive further information on in-service training dates, please contact the district office at (913) 592-7200