Transfer Requests

Students shall attend the school designated for the attendance area in which the student resides. Under rare exceptional circumstances, however, a student may be permitted to transfer to a school outside of the student's attendance area. Reasons for transfers based upon exceptional circumstances:
A. Family Move
B. Request from a Governmental Entity
C. Special School District Programs
D. Exceptional Psychological or Health Reasons
E. Administrative Placement

For families pursuing in-district transfers, a request form must be completed and returned to your current school's office by May 1 for the upcoming year. Requests will be reviewed by a district committee, and granted or denied based on a range of factors, including school and grade-level capacities as well as resources to serve students. 

In-District Transfer Request Form

On May 10, 2021, the Board of Education adopted a change to their out-of-district enrollment policy. (Please note the important changes in red.)

In order to be eligible to apply as a non-resident student for the district’s in person learning program, the non-resident student must meet one of the following criteria:

  • the non-resident student’s parent/legal guardian is a current employee of the district;
  • the non-resident student has an older sibling currently enrolled as a non-resident student in good standing;
  • the parent/legal guardian of the non-resident student has a contract or written commitment to purchase or rent a home in the district and move into the district within 6 months of the beginning of the next school year; or
  • a student in good standing who was accepted as a non-resident student prior to the 2020-21 school year and who has remained a non-resident student in good standing through the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year. the student currently enrolled as a non-resident student in good standing.

Out-of-District Transfer Request Form

A resident student (other than a child of a district employee) who moves out of the district’s boundaries after May 28, 2021, will not be eligible to apply for the district’s in person learning program. However, starting with the 2021-22 school year, if a resident student enrolled in and attending in person learning moves out of the district’s boundaries after current school year has commenced, the student would be eligible to finish the current semester in the district. If the student is designated as a senior on-track to graduate in the current school year, the student would be eligible to finish the current school year in the district.

Non-resident students who do not satisfy one of these requirements will not be considered for admission to the district’s in person learning program. A non-resident student will be enrolled in a district program only after an application to attend has been approved. The district will not accept any non-resident students after the Kansas official enrollment date. Transportation for non-resident students shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Continued enrollment of a non-resident student is conditioned upon the student’s continuous compliance with the district’s student conduct policies and rules. Falsification of any information on an application for non-resident student admission to a district program shall result in an automatic recission of any acceptance to the program. Non-resident students must reapply for admission to a district program annually. Non-resident students will be evaluated each spring by district administration on the following non-exclusive criteria:

  • whether the student continues to meet the requirements for non-resident admission to the program;
  • whether the student made adequate academic progress according to the principal;
  • whether the student maintained regular and punctual attendance and was continuously enrolled;
  • whether the student continues to be a student in good standing and complied with the student
  •  code of conduct and avoided: 1) major disciplinary problems; 2) a large number of referrals for minor disciplinary problems; and/or 3) otherwise maintained continual compliance with the district’s student conduct policies and rules.
  • whether the student’s parent/guardian was supportive of the district’s mission, vision, goals, policies, staff, and administration.
  • There is available space for the student without having to hire additional staff. Non-resident students may be readmitted or denied admission for the next school year based on the results of these evaluations. School building placement for non-resident student(s) will be decided upon by the Transfer Committee.

Appeals to the superintendent may be made in consideration of exceptions to this policy.