Emergency Safety Interventions

Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI) are seclusion and restraint that are used when the student presents a reasonable and immediate danger to self or others. 

Spring Hill School District focuses on Positive Interventions as a proactive approach prior to ESI.

Positive Interventions help build positive relationships and encourage new behaviors. Positive interventions also reinforce new skills and increase self-satisfaction and optimism among youth, parents, and teachers. All students need to be recognized and rewarded when they are meeting the expectations that have been established. Current research suggests positive recognition (rewards, reinforcements, praise) should occur more frequently than negative recognition. A well-developed behavior intervention plan should include positive interventions in order to effectively change behavior. 

The following resources have been provided to assist families in understanding Emergency Safety Interventions:

ESI Safety Information Packet

Where can I find more information?

Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE): 1-800-203-9462, www.ksde.org, www.ksdetasn.org

Families Together, Inc. Topeka Parent Center: 1-800-264-6343, [email protected]

Kansas Parent Information Resource Center (KPIRC): 1-866-711-6711, www.kpirc.org

Disability Rights Center of Kansas: https://www.drckansas.org/