Student Safety

Protecting Students at School

First and foremost, student education is critical for ensuring student safety and security. Common Sense Media is a digital literacy and citizenship curriculum that is used in district classrooms to educate students regarding safe Internet practices. That combined with detailed guidance in the district’s Acceptable Use Policy and building conduct codes provides clear direction to help ensure safety. 

In addition, content filtering, device management, data encryption, and firewall security provide the boundaries that limit breaches in safety and security. The district also is in compliance with state and national laws related to Internet safety for children.The district’s current Internet filtering system (iBoss) is designed to provide appropriate access to resources while using the district network. The district’s current data policies and procedures, including data encryption and firewall, are sufficient to ensure that student data on the district network are secure. Education will be provided to students and parents, including practices that ensure they protect data that they may choose to place on their device. 

The district’s technology management program provides the ability to “wipe” devices if the device is lost or stolen. Procedures for requesting district intervention on the personal device will be distributed to students and parents.

Student Safety at Home

At school, the Acceptable Use Policy, school code of conduct and Digital Citizenship curriculum set expectations for use of technology. However, learning and discovery doesn’t end when students leave school grounds. Having a laptop for use at school and home will encourage creativity and provide many educational opportunities. It also means that parents and guardians will need to make safety choices that fit their family. Navigating the ever-changing online world can be challenging so it is important to have open dialogue about expectations and boundaries in order to ensure that students make choices that reflect family values. 

Note that the district will not be filtering Internet usage off school grounds. If families are interested in assistance with filtering, an option will be available to them. In addition, below are a list of web sites that provide helpful information and resources for families. 

Recommended Resources: