Elementary Curriculum

Language Arts 

The Spring Hill K-5 reading model is designed to support successful learning by adapting instruction to meet individual students’ needs. The model is developed around small group rotations as a means of differentiating instruction. Within the reading block of instruction, teachers

  • use whole group lessons to introduce, model, teach, and review skills and concepts;
  • use teacher-led small groups to differentiate the instruction presented in whole group instruction. These small groups are based on students’ instructional needs;
  • use guided practice to reinforce skills;
  • use independent activities to provide meaningful practice.

To read more information, to see the textbooks, or to find activities you can do at home with your student, check out this website:

Macmillian/McGraw Hill Wonders site

K-5 Everyday Math

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Why Next Generation Science Standards? 

Science education needs an update

Kansas Next Generation Science Standards

Social Studies

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to be informed, thoughtful, engaged citizens as they enrich their communities, state, nation, world, and themselves. The state has prepared the following guides for parents:

Parent Guide for Kindergarten

Parent Guide for 1st Grade

Parent Guide for 2nd Grade

Parent Guide for 3rd Grade

Parent Guide for 4th Grade

Parent Guide for 5th Grade

Parent Guide for 6th-8th Grades

Parent Guide for 9th-12th Grades