Technology - USD 230 LogoGoals

  1. Provide a customer service approach to technology support
  2. Allow technology to be seamlessly integrated into the classroom
  3. Continue to develop, integrate, and support new technologies in all aspects of the districts activities (educational, administrative, etc)


Director of Technology
Phil Elliott
(913) 592-7268
[email protected]

Server Administrator
Ryan Dalton
(913) 592-7290
[email protected]

Network Engineer
Nick Stiles
(913) 592-7289
[email protected] 

Data Administrator
Billy Terry
(913) 592-7295
[email protected]

Systems Manager

Colton Easdon
(913) 592-7292
[email protected]

Facility Technology Engineer
Ben Anderson
(913) 592-7296
[email protected]

Technology Support Specialist

Aaron Pegel
(913) 592-7269
[email protected] 

Educational Support Center Administrative Assistant
Brooke Sandberg
(913) 592-7281
[email protected]