Standing Ovation

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We know you’ve experienced an employee going above and beyond for you, a student, a parent, a peer, or a community member. Please help us recognize that employee by completing this short nomination form. All employees nominated will be recognized at the end of each month and one of those nominees will be chosen as the monthly Price Chopper Standing Ovation winner. Awards are announced the last (working) Friday of the month and the deadline for nominations is the Wednesday of that week.
Previous Winners:
September '20 Recipient
: Katie Sibbitt, SHMS Teacher
October '20 Recipient: Darcy Sly, TSES Interim Principal
November '20 Recipient: Nicole Wellman, SHES Para
December '20 Recipient: Angela Tauer, WSMS Teacher
January '21 Recipient: Patrick Donahue, SHHS Adm. Secretary

February '21 Recipient: Bob Moss, ESC Maintenance
March '21 Recipient: Michelle Hackney, DAC Director of HR
April '21 Recipient: Noel Miller, SHMS Teacher

May '21 Recipient: Angela Janovick, PCES Instructional Coach

For the complete list of past recipients: Previous Standing Ovation Winners