• The Spring Hill Schools ELL program strives to identify, assess, and serve students that speak a non-English language in the home. This includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our goal is for each student to develop achievement in core content areas. This is done with collaboration by our trained ELL teachers, classroom teachers, translators when needed, administrative support, and parent/family support. The Spring Hill student body currently represents over a dozen languages. 

    Students are initially identified upon enrollment using the Home Language Survey. If the survey indicates a language other than English is spoken at home, students are tested for services. Students transferring to USD 230 from neighboring districts and who are currently in an ELL type program retain their status without re-testing.

    ACTIVE STATUS students qualified for the ELL program based on the ITP test results and KELPA2 results. They are currently enrolled in a USD 230 school.

    MONITORED STATUS students have scored proficient one year on the KELPA2. They are performing alongside their peers in the general education classroom without program support. The ELL teacher monitors progress twice a year using the Monitor Status Progress Report.

    EXITED STATUS students have been successful on Monitored Status for two years. Upon completion of a final progress report, they are considered proficient in the English language and are no longer registered as an ESOL by the State of Kansas.

    In the Spring Hill School district, services are provided in the general education classroom and in a pull-out setting. In both cases, the ELL teacher collaborates with the student’s teachers to determine the level of in-class support required. The teachers also work together to determine the skills that will be worked on in a pull-out session. Pull-out sessions are designed to provide targeted practice and interventions.

    *If you believe you need a translator for a conference or parent meeting, please contact your building's front office.

Meet the Team:

  • Kathleen Navratil, ELL Teacher

  • Tracy Bognich, ELL Teacher