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Young Writer's Club

Wolf Creek Elementary will hold  a writing contest that is open to all 1st  grade through 5th grade students. This contest begins by students meeting and talking about the writing process, gathering ideas and starting their story. These students meet regularly to work on their stories as well as work on them at home. Early in the spring, 16 young authors are chosen to attend the Reading Reptile’s DNA Literature Festival at Rockhurst University. At the university, students have the opportunity to see two authors in 50-minute sessions.

The students are chosen based upon how well their stories were written and how creative they were. The selection committee looks for:

  • Is the message clear?
  • Did the student try hard to make the story interesting?
  • How does the story begin?
  • How does the story end?
  • Were things told in order?
  • Are there complete sentences?
  • Has the student used good word choice?
  • Is there a title?
  • Did the student use periods and question marks?

This contest is held in correlation with Johnson County Library’s Writing Contest. The 16 stories that win the school contest are entered into the library’s writing contest. This contest culminates with a reception for all participants in which they have the opportunity to meet and hear from several of Kansas City's finest, nationally published children's book authors and illustrators. Authors that participate include Lisa Campbell Ernst, Brad Sneed, Jenny Whitehead, Pete Whitehead, Eric Brace, Dana Regan, Shane Evans, and Laura Huliska-Beith, all of who are Johnson County Library Writing Contest judges! At the reception, six (or more) winning entries are announced and read aloud by the judges, and prizes are awarded. All contestants receive a Certificate of Recognition.

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