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Nurse's Corner

 !!! Alerts !!!

We have been seeing some cases of Strep Throat in the school.  Signs and Symptoms may include:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat lasting more than 48 hours (especially if they have no cold like symptoms)
  • Swollen red, tonsils and/or white patches on their tonsils, or red dots on the roof of their mouth

The only way Strep Throat can be diagnosed is by a test at the doctor's office. 



We are seeing some cases of head lice around the school.  Signs and symptoms of head lice include:

  • Tickling feeling of something moving in the hair
  • Itching, caused by an allergic reaction to the bites of the head louse
  • Irritability and difficulty sleeping; head lice are most active in the dark
  • Sores on the head caused by scratching.  These sores can sometimes become infected with bacteria found on the person's skin

Head lice cannot fly and spread by crawling.  They do not spread disease.

Over the counter treatment is usually effective and should be repeated after one week to ensure that all eggs (nits) are affected.  Nits should be removed by hand or by combing with a fine tooth comb.  Parents will be notified if nits or lice are found and students will be rechecked by the nurse after treatment is completed.  For more information on head lice, please copy and paste this link:




Attention 2016-2017 Kindergarten and New Students:

Click HERE for health forms required at enrollment.



My name is Laurie Brueckner, RN, and I am your child’s nurse in the health office at Prairie Creek.  We recently moved to the Spring Hill area from Omaha, NE.  I am very excited to join the school district and start a new adventure at Prairie Creek! 

Please let me know if your child has any health concerns or medical conditions so we can provide the best health care at school.  Examples of concerns include asthma, allergies, seizures, special diets, injuries or surgeries, or new medications.  Please browse the Health Forms page for medical forms if needed. 

If your child receives any immunizations this year, please provide written documentation to update his or her health records at school.  Please go to the Immunizations page for the required paperwork.

Your child may have his or her vision, hearing and dental screenings performed this year.  You will be notified if your child has any difficulties with the screenings.

Please check out the Monthly Newsletters page to view past and current editions of The Nurse's Corner.                           

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach me at 913-592-7167 Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.  You may also email me or stop by the health office.


Looking forward to a healthy year,

Laurie Brueckner, RN

913-592-7167 office

913-393-4849 fax


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