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Regional Hazard Mitigation Planning

Regional Hazard Mitigation Planning -- Region L

The federal government requires all states and local governments to have hazard mitigation plans, approved by FEMA, that are consistent with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000).  This is required to maintain eligibility for certain types of federal disaster assistance, such as pre-disaster and post-disaster mitigation funding. 

For the past few months the Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotte County officials have been drafting the Regional Mitigation Plan, and now seek public comment and review.  This plan is intended to identify feasible strategies to reduce the potential loss of life, human suffering, and loss of property from natural disasters, such as floods, snow and ice storms, tornados, and power outages. 

Your input is very important to this process and we ask that you take a few moments to review the material below and complete the short questionnaire provided on the link below.

Hazard Rankings – for the Regional Mitigation Plan the following hazards were ranked as the top 10.  Remember, this is for all three of the counties that make up Region L, not each county separately.  So, while Johnson county may have a high incidence of Landslides, Leavenworth county may not.  But averaged together they would meet in the middle on the ranking.  These rankings were based on the probability, magnitude, warning time, and duration that potentially could be realized.

1.  Tornado                                                      6.  Drought

2.  Flood                                                          7.  Hazardous Materials

3.  Winter Storm                                              8.  Lightning

4.  Windstorm                                                  9.  Wildfire

5.  Utility/Infrastructure Failure                       10.Civil Disorder


Previous 10 FEMA Disasters that have affected Region L:

Disaster Number          Declaration Date        Description of Disaster

4035                          2011                        Missouri River Flooding

1885                          2010                        Severe Winter Storms

1741                          2008                        Severe Winter Storms

1699                          2007                        Severe Storms/Tornadoes/Fl

1638                          2006                        Severe Storms/Tornadoes/Winds

1615                          2005                        Severe Storms & Flooding

1579                          2005                        Winter Storm/Hvy Rain, Flood

1562                          2004                        Severe Storms/Tornadoes/Fl

1535                          2004                        Severe Storms/Tornadoes/Fl

1462                          2003                        Severe Storms/Tornadoes/Fl

As a Johnson County resident, your input is very important to this proces and the following is a link to, which has a short survey you are encouraged to complete for inclusion in the Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Specifically, the planning group is looking for information on local issues that each identified hazard could potentially aggravate. 


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