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Meal Charges

Meal Charging Limits:

Prairie Creek Elementary School, Spring Hill Elementary School, Wolf Creek Elementary School, Spring Hill Middle School North and Spring Hill Middle School South - The charge limit for each account is a negative $10.  If a student goes over the negative $10.00 charge limit, he/she will be required to bring a sack lunch from home or will be served a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk only. 

Spring Hill High School - Students will not be allowed to charge.

Student meal account balances may be viewed at any time on Skyward Family Access or by calling the kitchen cafeteria where their student/s attend.

Low Balance Email Alerts 

Families have the option of signing up for daily email notifications when students' meal accounts have a low balance of $5 and under.  Email reminders will be automatically sent for each meal account when it reaches a $5 balance, and will be sent daily with an updated balance below that amount.

To opt in to email notifications, follow these instructions:

1) Login to Skyward Family Access

2) Click on "My Account" located at the top by username

3) Click in the box to "Receive Emails When Food Service Balance is Under $5" located at the bottom of the Account Settings page

4) Save

Please note that parents and guardians will need to follow these steps for each student.



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